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· The Cosmic Creative Intelligence ·

The whole universe, life itself, you and me, all living beings, everything that exists, is the one living Artwork. There will be simply nothing without this cosmic creative intelligence that moves everything. Which transcend rocks into plants, plants into animals, animals into humans and humans into conscious humans. Everywhere we can observe this intelligence, which is normally hidden behind the veil of the wandering and unfocused mind.
Art [creativity] and Consciousness [life] are inseparable, they form one unity. There are in essence one, but in the material world they appear as two, this appearance is the dance of existence. The main function of the artist is, to remind us about this essential unity. Its secondary function is to document the dance of existence and show new ways of evolution.

Every monent is unique

Let peace be the base of your action
Let compassion be your intention
Cultivate love


The corona crisis is a crisis of consciousness

Almost no one talks about the true cause of the corona crisis.
What is the real cause behind the global shutdown, the panic, the fear and the actual madness which we see in the streets?
I mean the real cause, the cause behind all the other causes.
To what it will come down?
What is the root cause of all our madness?
Where the corona crisis starts?

All indicates in the direction that we are still not ready for a deeper understanding of reality and even less ready for the radical change which is needed to stop our madness.
We are so preoccupied with the impact of our actions that it does not come to our minds to deal with the real cause, we are still living with the antibiotic mindset.
We are blind to see the obvious, all crisis, all drama, is the consequence of our consciousness.
We fly into space or building quantum computers, but we don’t realize that our society is the consequence of our consciousness, and yet we are obsessed with the effects of that very consciousness.

We are constantly changing circumstances, fighting reality, pulling down dictators, making revolutions, creating new economic systems, new ways of living, going to therapists, trying to be positive, but we are not asking the most important question, who or what is the driving force behind all that. We have invented religions, but they function on the same basis, obsessed with the effects and blind to the cause. Even spirituality is focused on… read more

Social media change
from product to human

I change my social media structure, stop using Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube. Now I am using decentral and Blockchain social media, this kind of networks are made by the people for the people, open source and free speech. And they paid us to the content. I encourage you to do the same, because the main stream social media are not respecting humans and they representing the actual system which cause so much trouble, pain and suffering to the world.
See below the reason. Or check out the information about it in the internet.

We are not products.
Why we should give our stories and private information to a company which see us and treat us like a product?
The main stream social media like Google, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest and so on, are doing exactly this, selling us. Selling our data to everyone how paid for it, and not only this, there also past it to secret services like NSA or CIA, and any governmental institutions. On top of this, they censor the content, if there think it is not the right way you think what, you are out.
I my case they censor a video about peace, only adult can see this video, that’s crazy, Youtube believes that peace is only for adults, they treat it like a porno. Other people are much more censored only because they speak freely, with the actual crisis the censorship took forms that are simply unacceptable.
All these social media will be nothing without us, with our content they make billions, the owners are belonging to the class of people, which are directly responsible for the mess made by the market radicalism.
Thats why I decide to break my connection with it.
Naturally doing this with good vibration, just changing something, for something else which is better and more humane.

This way I invite you to do the same, join me in Minds (kind of Facebook) and Odysee (kind of YouTube). Or follow my work directly in my website.

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Conference: The corona crisis as an opportunidad, only in Spanish

Conferencia El día 6 de Marzo a las 19h doy una conferencia con el titulo: La Crisis de Corona como oportunidad. Enlace:

The Corona-crisis as a gateway to a new society.

The Corona crisis has shown very clearly, all can change from one moment to another. It is a historical pattern, during a longer period of time little change happens and then suddenly a big move shakes it all up, and now we have one of these historical moments. If it will be for good or for bad, is an open question, I like to believe it will be for the good, we will see.
These great changes, the quantum leaps in human evolution, normally come together with war and/or with tremendous destruction. The historical pattern is always the same, when a system comes to its end and there is no way to maintain it, it will destroy itself o it is destroyed by external forces, which is necessary to make space for the next system. The French and American Revolution broke down Feudalism and Slavery, the 1th and 2th World War finish with the traditional structure of society and Colonialism.
Now we are in a similar situation to the great revolutions and the great wars. Read more…









Where we can go, we are here. The present moment is the only reality.

The human drama will end when we realize that all is interconnected.

Knowing who we are is the greatest service we can give to humanity.