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Art is the dance between Consciousness and the Creative Intelligence

Art in the context of the evolution of Consciousness plays a central part, it can transcend the limitations of human conditioning. Art itself is a perfect tool for transcendence. It can lift us to the highest conscious experience possible, independent of the level of Consciousness where we live. Art is a gateway to the only real thing in life, the Present Moment. We are all born as artist, but we get educate to forget it, meanwhile art is not an essential good, like food or housing, we can't overcome our automatic conditioning.Art is a perfect way to see ourselves as we really are, it shows our deepest inside.

What I try in my artwork to transmit, that art is ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. Art has to come to the everyday living, it is essential that it become a basic good like food or housing.

Karsten Ramser

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A.R.T.Awareness _ Realisation _ Transformation

Awareness, Realisation and Transformation are the most inner structure in the evolution of consciousness.

● First there is awareness of the situation as it is, which refers to being aware of the present moment as it is. ● This is the very base for realisation, which is the understanding and the adequate interpretation of the awareness of the present moment. ● When we understand the very structure of reality, then transformation take place without effort.
Awareness and Realisation are the “workshop” in the process, in this two areas we are working active on the Transformation.Transformation itself will happen without our interference. It is the natural consequence when Awareness and Realisation meet in one space.Although the process to become truly conscious, is in its essence very simple, we tend to overcomplicate it, which make it impossible to see the simplicity of Selfknowledge.
We believe that we need more information and more knowledge to reach the place which we are searching for, when in fact it is the opposite, the unlearning of our conditioning and the re-structuring of our thinking/feeling patterns will lead to Selfknowledge.


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The Mystery of Art

Since life had blessed us with Conscious Awareness and the connection with the Creative Intelligence, the mystery of Art is inseparable from human existence. The experience of "ARTING" is given when we are connect with the Cosmic Consciousness.

● Life itself is the artwork of all artworks, it is everywhere when we have the eyes to see it and the heart to feel it.● Art rises out of the universal/creative/self-organising intelligence, which moves everything, which is in everything and which is everything.● The experience of Art, ARTING, is the conscious connection with this intelligence. The great danger for the artist is when the ego believes that he is the one which is arting, in this case, the gift is turning against the artist, and as we saw in many beautiful artists, it even kills.● The power of art is the power of life itself which wants to become unfold.● Art and therefore the artist is and must be out of the conditioned society, the most detached possible from social/cultural conditioning. In this distance he can go beyond the limitations and disfunctionalities of the postmodern world, which is necessary to show the way to the higher levels of existence. ● 


● Art has to come back to everyday life, not in the sense of the old spiritual art, but as a food for the soul, heart, body, and mind.● The cult and the business (as usual) of art is poison, it feeds only the egos, the pockets of the art dealers and the corrupt speculation with art.● Be part of the creative process of life is like breathing, eating or any essential thing in life, art is essential to humans.● One of the great epidemics of our times is the loss of the connection to the creative process of life. ● Life without art is empty in a negative way. It makes us fall into the trap of aloneness and disconnection.● The artist has the responsibility to make visible the connection with the universal/creative/self-organising intelligence.● The challenge is to bring together art and consciousness, both (together) have the power to transform society.

Art is not personal, in the same way as life is not personal, it is individual and universal. Living in this way is liberation, taking it personal is slavery.

Karsten Ramser

Photography _ Gallery


The new Video Project LOTUS, use advertising material to transform it into a tool to connect with The KnowledgeThe Lotus flower grows in dirty water, and then it turns to become an amazing expression of beauty In Buddhism it is a symbol of transformation.Advertising is a symbol of our society, his function is to create a fake need in the people, a desire, a longing and the product offers the solution. By taking the advertising and turning it around, the creative force which is in the advertising is used to look in the only place where we can find what we are looking for, in us.

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Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” 

Thomas Merton