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Photos seen with the eyes of a Painter

Seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. Be aware of the beauty in the everyday living.

Making visible the hidden beauty of the everyday living, at the same time it is an invitation to sharpen our awareness of existence itself and its amazing creative intelligence. Normally we are consumed by our thinking and feelings about reality, that we don't appreciate the present moment. These photos are an invitation to be aware of reality as it is, and not as it appears in our minds.


The Hidden beauty becomes realwhen mind resteffortless

These photos are the result of my everyday living, there are not “composed” nor “arranged”, they just happen, meanwhile I am walking in nature, being in the workshop, doing ordinary things or as a by-product of the arting process itself.Meanwhile I do the photos the thinking mind is in off-mode, there is just seeing and the shot, no judgement.Later on I paint them in Photoshop, doing slightly adjustments in color, contrast and so on, but the composition of the shot itself remains untouched. The composition represents reality as it is without interpretation, without the need to change something. When we adjust our awareness, when we tune a bit the way we perceive reality, the hidden beauty becomes real.

Art is the ideal medium for making contact with the transcendental, or at least for getting close to it. 

Gerhard Richter