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  • Lotus Project

    In this project I use advertising videos in which a small twist, changes their meaning, turning them into a means of conscious transformation.
    The lotus flower is a symbol of transformation and vital power. This amazing and beautiful flower can survive in the most extreme circumstances, even in polluted, acidic or dirty environments, in fact it grows in mud. That's why I chose it for this project. I use advertising videos, which are a symbol of our crazy society, to show that even in the worst situation we can be able or rather, life is able to transform anything into a learning process and a higher form of consciousness.

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  • Connection

    Videos to connect with life, wisdom, freedom, peace and our true self.The images and music are chosen in such a way, that it can open a door to stillness and serenity. We just have to slow down and let it happen. These videos have a transformation potential which can be helpful in the process of conscious evolution, or just enjoy them and disconnect from the drama, monkey mind and normal madness.
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  • Art and about art

    About artworks and the conceptual framework of the art of Karsten Ramser. Art and being creative is an essential good, like food or housing, without we are death meanwhile we are alive. Recovery creativity in the everyday life means reconnecting with the essence of existence. read more
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  • The Knowledge Tradition

    My work is only possible because of The Knowledge Tradition. They are inspiration and guidance along the way. In this section we find videos of and from teachers, thinkers, masters, and some little treasures of this remarkable tradition. read more
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We are living in the times of the image. There are everywhere, outside and inside. Today, in a week we see more images, like a person 200 years ago in his whole life. Almost all the history we identified with a story, a story about what we are and what we should be. Now this is shifting towards the image identification. Video and Film have 25 images per second, that's powerful. We have to choose carefully which kind of "running images" we let in, because they directly go to the subconsciousness, and influence or forming our believe-systems strongly.When we watch too much TV or hanging out too much time on the smartphone it is hard not become stupid, on the other hand, when we select the input and limit the time, it can be a powerful tool to lift up the level of consciousness. That's the intention of these videos. 
Enjoy and cultivate consciousness.

“If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed.”

Stanley Kubrick