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The Knowledge is the wisdom of our most inner nature and the essence of existence. Who we really are, beyond form and time. Realizing the Knowledge is the end of the search, we are at home. All fears are gone. Duality is recognise as the dance of existence. No attachment to anything. It is not awakening, because in the Knowledge we realise that All was and is always awaken. No Enlightenment, all is already Light. Ignorance is dissolving itself in the light of the Knowledge, like smoke in the wind. Compassion, Empathy, Love, Peace, Serenity, Forgiveness, Bliss, Joy, Respect, and Humility are becoming an effortless and natural expression when we experiencing the Knowledge in the heart. But it is not a kind of blind positivism, or wishful thinking, the dark side of existence are known and integrated, and they play they rule in the game, but at its natural dimension.In the Knowledge, we recognise the timeless essence that we are, as a concept and as an experience.

If you want to understand what the Knowledge is, enter the space of Silence

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The Knowledge and the Tradition

The Knowledge adapts to the Zeitgeist, but the essence remains untouched.

Nobody knows the beginning of The Knowledge, probably it came into place with the Cognitive Revolution, some 70.000 years ago. What we know for sure is, that it is here for a very long time and that the people of the Knowledge Tradition have kept it alive all this time, it could be the oldest science on earth. In every generation and every culture we find people who adapt it to the Zeitgeist, and this is essential to keep it alive, because every epoch has its own words and ways to give her an expression. Most of the history it was transmitted in a secret way, from master to disciple, fathers to sons, priest to novice and artist to apprentice. Sometimes it was shared in public, but it was dangerous and some suffer cruel consequences, like Jesus, Giordano Bruno or Marguerite Porete, others like Rumi, Thomas Aquin, Meister Eckhart or Teresa of Avila manage to get along with the forces of ignorance and power.The Knowledge Tradition is not an organisation or institution, nor a specific group of people, neither it belongs to a certain culture or class. The "members" of the Tradition share is, the realisation of the deepest levels of existence. Even when it is still for most of us impossible to access the Knowledge, it is open to everyone, who feels the inner need to find an answer. Some call it the search for meaning, the search for happiness, or the spiritual search, it is this deep feeling in us, this knowing that there is more than the ordinary madness. 
When we are ready and when we have suffer enough, the Knowledge will come to us, like an inspiration, it comes when it comes. What we can do is to prepare the ground for the inspiration.Most of the searcher look for the answers in life from the egocentric view point, but this makes it impossible that the Knowledge can find us.We have to undergo a radical transformation, to make space for something totally new, for the Pre-Individual and Individual level of Consciousness it is impossible to understand it, and therefore we have to unlearn our conditioning and the Knowledge will come to us. The Knowledge Tradition is here to help in this process. 

What is exactly The Knowledge?

When we try to hold it, it is already done.When we let it go, it is ours forever.

We can't say what The Knowledge is exactly, that's impossible. It always adapts to the given life situation and context. The idea that there is a fix answer to the mystery of life, a "solution" that explain everything, is nonsense. Every moment is unique, and therefore we have to live in consequence. The Pre-Individual and the Individual level of Consciousness needs answers, solutions, concepts, laws, for the fact in its deepest inner structure it is motivated by control and security. In a universe which is in constant movement, never standing still not for one single moment, longing for a (fix) answer, or a theory that explains everything (TOE) is part of our useless intent to control life. It is like making a photo of the ocean and proclaiming it is the ocean.

When we enter the Fields of the Knowledge, we enter the Fields of the Unknown, Uncertainty, Not-Knowing, Awareness to the Context, Intuition, No Doer, Connectedness, Contemplation, Silence, Detachment, Letting go, Emptiness, Conscious Breathing, No-Resistance, Stillness, Discipline, Playing, Hard Work, Compassion, Integration, and Unconditional Love.The Essence of all these Fields is getting close to what The Knowledge is, but finally words will always fail, for fact that the Knowledge is an experience.

“Wisdom tells me I am nothing, love tells me I am everything. Between the two, my life flows.”
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

When we understand the Knowledge, it means everything, when we don't understand, we laugh about it, when we are touched by it but without understanding, we worship it, and for the dreamwalkers it is just nothing at all.