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The Levels of Consciousness

The Spectrum of Consciousness consists in four levels

The Four Levels of Consciousness

Human life is the journey from one level of consciousness to another. Each level has its meaning and functionality in the context of conscious evolution, there are all necessary, and essential building blocks in the path of how become a Conscious Human Being. Understanding these levels provides a map to identify our position in life and what we have to do to overcome the hindrance in our way. 
● MultidimensionalThe levels are not fixed, rigid and separated building blocks, even when there are present in a hierarchic way, following the pattern from Low to High, they inseparably interconnected.There are no lineal, they don't follow structure first this and then that, it is not like in conventional science, we don't finish first the Pre-Individual level and then we go to the Individual and so on. They are multidimensional, at every level we can connect with any other level.
● Universal PatternThe structure of the levels are based on universal patterns which we can observe everywhere in nature and in every culture. These patterns represent the structure of evolution, which has a clear direction, these patterns are; Simple to complex. Low to high. Young to old. Ignorance to knowledge. Innocent to wise. Birth to death. Beginning to end.

The Levels of Consciousness are mapping human reality.

We live on all the levels simultaneous, the question is, which level is our home, with which level we identified.


Intuitive. Nature. Unconscious. Magic. Body. Devotion.Reproduction. Instinct. Gods. Demons. Fear. Family. Tribe.


Self awareness. Separation. Logic. Rationality. Searching.Art. Persona. Egocentric. Mind. Fight. Sex. Mental fear. Nation.


Holistic. Integration. Compassion. Healing. Transcendence.Love. Connectedness. Big mind, big heart. Serenity.


Unity. Peace. Unconditional Love. I Amness. Perfection.Silence. No doer. The Self. Selfknowledge. The Nameless.

The Pre-Individual Level

We are still part of Nature, integrated in something bigger than ourselves.


Instinctive _ Intuitive _ Gods _ Demons _ All kinds of magical beings _ Very close to nature _ Faith _ No clear definite identity _ Unconscious _Pure body experience.We still live in this magical place where stories are real, there is no clear differentiation between reality and imagination. The ego is just a seed, we learn bit by bit and painful what separation means.

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    Connection with Nature

  • Magical realities / Fiction

  • Tribal identity / Religion


This level marks the beginning of the journey of Human Consciousness. Nobody knows exactly when it starts, but there are evidence that the Cognitive Revolution makes the difference, some 70.000 years ago.It is a breaking point in evolution, our ancestors lived for millions of years, without leaving any special note in history. Nothing pointed towards that this insignificant animal will travel to the moon, invented the atomic bomb or will write Hamlet.Then suddenly something happen, 70.000 years ago, fiction pops up. The fictive language came into play, and this changed everything. All animals live only in one reality, but with the fictive language, we start to live in at least two realities, Duality was born.That's the point of no return, we left The Garden Eden forever. From there on in history, human life became insane, with some lightful moments. Since we can't distinguish very well between reality itself and our stories about her, we got easily manipulated, and do terrible things to other humans, animals and nature.Since we don't have a real understanding about the levels of consciousness, we became victim of the circumstance and external forces. As time moves on stories (fiction, fictive language, thoughts) replace reality and this with dramatic consequences.With the beginning of self awareness, we have start the journey of (self) destruction. The Pre-Individual history is full of wars, slavery, injustice, violence, cruelty, and suffering. Most humanity live still at the Pre-Individual level of consciousness, driven by the need for security, reproduction, and religion or tribal belief systems.


Every human starts to see the world with the Pre-Individual eyes. Actually the very first time of our life we are still in absolute unity, we are one with the mother, pure awareness, absolute beingness. But this change very soon, we realise that we are not the mother, we become Pre-Individual. We become aware of, I existBut we are still very connected with the mother, nature and the direct experience of the Here and Now.The world is magical, fiction and reality are one. We can't distinguish very well between the stories of life and life itself. When things are going well it is a beautiful time (depending on the life situation), we play, have no responsibilities, magic, we know nothing about the problems of the world and the human drama. We believe in our parents, leaders, idols, Gods, demons, and all kinds of external forces and powers. There is an instinctive knowledge about how little we are, and that the world is much bigger than our own existence.The Pre-Individual Human develops a knowledge about himself and therefore of the world. Until here all is fine, but the social-cultural-racial conditioning is structured is such a way that we get stuck or pathologic at this level, and therefore evolution can't go further on to the next level.In resume: being a child is beautiful and natural, but living all our life in the childhood is a drama.
"Grown up, and that is a terribly hard thing to do.It is much easier to skip and go from one childhood to another".F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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The Individual Level

Full of potentials, creating realities at high speed, and living as separated dot in a blind universe


Logic _ Organization _ Mapping _ Mental fear _ Control _ Ego _ Power _ Suffering _ Drama _ Money _ Security _ ArtWe do amazing things, creating great artworks, individual rights and freedom, the material quality of life has risen dramatically. The price is extreme high for this progress, separation, unbalance, confusion and massive destruction. We live as a separated being in a blind universe. The constant search for something better has reduced us to shadows of ourselves. Rushing from moment to another, happiness is our goal, but we got only very little of it. Suffering, drama and madness are our daily bread, not because of the level itself, but for the fact that we got stuck there.

  • Disconnection / Separation

  • Material realities / Control

  • National identity / Money


This level is a quantum leap, it made possible a unseen progress in very little time, in some 200 years we shape the world and ourselves in dramatically and highly extreme ways.Historically it began some 500 years ago, with the Scientific Revolution, for the next 300 years we lay the building blocks for the extreme shift towards modern times. We do now things that not long go were seen as miracles or reasons to burns us on the stake. On the surface we live in the best world ever (at least in the Occident), but by going deeper we see that the price we pay and the price the earth pay are in no relation to the progress.Almost all the history humans were part of something greater, but with the Individual Level, we declare us to the centre of life. We fall in the trap of human-centrism. We create a fundamental wrong paradigm, humans on one side and all the rest on the other side. Furthermore, we disconnect ourselves from nature. Science reduce life to blind energy, the body to a machine, the heart to a pump, disease to enemies, security become the new religion, and money became God.In the last decades we have lost the connection to nature in such a way, that confusion, depression, apathy, and consumerism has become the new normality.Fiction, the stories had become so powerful, that an average person has no idea what is going on, and he has no clue who he is. Modern life is the pandemic of a meaningless world, and the only thing that is left is security and control.Getting stuck on the Individual level of Consciousness is the direct path towards self-destruction, by not using the tools and potential of this level in the right way, nature is turning against humans. The pattern is very clear, every specie which doesn't respect the natural balance will be sweep out.Historically we are on the straight way that nature will say, it's over, goodbye humans.This sounds terrible, and it is, but it is also the great chance to create a new history, and becoming Trans-Individual.


On the Pre-Individual level we still experience ourselves as part of the world, of something bigger than us, we still got our place in the great chain of existence, but now it is different on the Individual level we have lost the connection, living as a separated dot in the universe.We are lost in the stories about life, and life itself is reduced to a hindrance to our goals and dreams. We lost the connection to nature, to other people, to our bodies and to ourselves. By all the progress we should be happy like never before in history, but the opposite happens, we're running from one crisis into the next, making one therapy after another (which not mean therapy itself is not useful), buying stuff we don't need, voting leaders that work against us, and believing the fairy-tale that the future will bring what the present moment is negating us.Of course, there are also lightful moments, but there are few and only when life is as we want it to be or when, for what reason ever, we are briefly connected to the higher levels of consciousness..We experience life as something outside of us, something that happens to us. It is common sense to say I have a life, as life is something that we can own, like a house, a car, or ice cream. Our identity is based on our stories (thoughts and the related feelings) or on the stories that others told us.In this level we are facing our own death, we don't have any more a religion or spiritual background like heaven or reincarnation, and this is terrible. Everything we will do, all what we have, all what we are is for nothing at the end of our life.Actually this level we can compare to puberty, absolutely necessary as the bridge between the childhood and adulthood, but terrible when it last a whole life.The mantra on this level is, I WANT. The Individual identity is like a childhood in the supermarket who wants its sweets. Meanwhile, we are identifying ourselves with the Individual level or the person or the ego or the shadow of the ego, life will be a mess. On this level we will never find a solution to our drama, only on the next levels it is possible.

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Resume of the Pre-Individual and Individual level

There have its functionality in the context of conscious evolution. The Pre-Individual level left behind the animal consciousness, necessary to start the human consciousness journey. The Individual level was necessary to transform the Pre-Individual consciousness, expanding the vision of reality, based on scientific evidence and individual experience. The problem is we got stuck there, and the levels became pathological. The Pre-Individual stands for the childhood and Individual for the puberty, it must be clear, that it is not a good thing to live our whole life either in the childhood or puberty.To confirm this, we just have to look at history or at the actual situation of society and the destruction of the planet.The solution for our insanity we will find in the next levels, on the Pre-Individual and Individual levels we never find a way out of our journey toward self-destruction.

Note: The Pre-Individual and the Individual levels don't have to be eliminated, nor it is an option to fight against this kind of consciousness, it's all about integration, a compassionate, embracing and kindly integration, taking what is good on these levels, healing what we can heal and leave the rest behind. 

The Trans-Individual Level

Trans-Individual is the radical shift where life becomes the centre of life, and not humans


Connectedness _ Love _ Compassion _ Transcendence _ Spiritual ego _ Healing _ Flow _ Sharing _ Holistic _ Deep learningIntegration of the different aspects of existence in sync with nature. Identification with the body/mind/complex and higher levels of understanding. We work and learn for self-realisation and not for things, money, or power. Society is based on acceptance, respect, creative expression, individuality in the context of interconnectedness. 

  • Connection / Sharing

  • All kinds of realities / Flow

  • Global identity / Collaboration


There is actually still not a history, like we understand history today, for the fact that humanity has not reached this level yet. The whole history of humanity is Pre-Individual and since the Scientific Revolution Individual. Throughout time, we found in every cultural some few people who realised this kind of Consciousness, but humanity as a collective was simply not mature for it.There are some signs that there is a chance that this can change, but it is all in the air. The actual crisis offers an excellent opportunity that we can step further in this direction. Ken Wilber once said it will take at least some 200 to 300 years for humanity to reach this level. The future is unclear, but what we know for sure is that the evolution of consciousness has a direction, becoming more and more conscious. We are now at half- time of conscious evolution, and the logical next step is Trans-Individual. Existence is always on the side of evolution, but sometimes there must be some great destruction to make space for the new and next. Until now we have learnt this way, great challenge, great destruction, great transformation. On the Trans-Individual level this is not any more necessary, we learn for learning, we understood that learning is the desire of life to unfold, to keep on going, to become more complex and more conscious. Life has become the centre of our existence, and therefore we got a truly holistic view, and this change literally everything.


The shift of identification on this level is in such a way radical and profound, that the Pre-Individual and Individual humans can't even imagine or think about it, it is simply out of reach. The previous levels are fully integrated, forming now just a small part of our new identity. The person or ego is reduced to its natural size, and therefore drama and suffering have no room any more to unfold.We are not the centre of life, we are life itself in the form of a human being.What does this mean?
● We don't have a life, we are life.● We define our identity through being and not through stories.● The end of suffering and the beginning of a life in grace.● We don't have a consciousness, we are consciousness.● No more searching, we find.● We don't fight against each other, we collaborate.● Fear becomes learning.● We don't own, we share.● We see ourselves in others.● We see life with the eyes of compassion.
We recognize ourselves in the eternal present moment, in the I Am, we become immortal, death is just changing form.

We should not get confused, it is not enlightenment, even when the light of this level is shining very bright. But, we still have a long way to go, a lot to learn, and sometimes echoes of the pathological aspects of the previous levels are coming back, and can hit as even very hard, but we know who we are, and are able to deal with it. The great danger at this level is the spiritual ego, who will try to play his games to maintain his position.Life becomes a dance and even if we fall, and we will, we stand up and make not turn it into a drama, because we know it is all about learning, and consciousness is unstoppable. Only from that place we can bring real change into the world, a radical shift in Consciousness.

KEYWORDS+ awareness + bliss + collaborate + compassion + consciousness + context + finding + freedom + healing + grace + learning + life + love + present moment + sharing + silence + spiritual ego + stillness + understanding +

The Nondual Level

The highest form of human existence. Bliss. Cosmic Consciousness. Enlightenment.


Unity _ Perfection _ Unconditional love _ Peace _ Serenity _ Awaken Awareness _ The Self _ SelfknowledgeThe highest known level of human existence. We live in grace and bliss, all is perfect as it is. We are one with all, and all is one with us. All illusionary separation fade away naturally in the light of the Nondual Consciousness.Words can't describe this level, it is beyond duality.WE ARE THE NAMELESS, CONSCIOUSLY.

  • Perfection

  • Reality beyond duality

  • Cosmic Consciousness


India and China are probably the first area on earth were nondual beings lived. Specially in India the freedom to express this kind of consciousness is unique.
The first well documented nondual being is Buddha. The life of Buddha is special because he was also a social revolutionary, he is a perfect example of how the highest levels can affect the lowest in a positive way.
Since humanity was not ready for this level, after the death of Buddha it turns into a religion, the Buddhism, which is normal because the lower levels don't understand the Spectrum of Consciousness.
At the same time, in China Lao Tse wrote the Tao and in Greece extraordinary thinking schools are marking a quantum leap in the evolution of consciousness. Some Sufi schools are older than the Islam, probably founded in the same period of time.
Jesus Christ is another great master of the Knowledge, and what his teaching can become, when the lower levels will misinterpret it, we see very well in the Catholic Dogma.
Until today, we find in every cultural individuals, schools, and traditions which cultivate and transmit the Nondual Consciousness, the Christian Mysticism or the Advaita Vedanta are just two examples. But they never played an important rule in society, for the missing maturity of humanity and the money-religion-power structures which are very aware of the danger which represents this kind of consciousness for them.


The illusion that we are a separated individuum is gone. We are the NAMEABLE, the Nameless, or like the Advaita tradition say The Self. Not that we have become the Nameless, but the veil is transformed in a clear vision. We realize that the Self is and was the only real thing that ever exist.We still are a body/mind/complex, but there is no identification with it.
No words can describe it. It is beyond mental understanding.Silence is the place where we can "connect" with it.This state of consciousness is given, not reached. It happens without any influence from us. Wanting it is a clear sign of spiritual egoism. There is nothing we can do for it, in the same way there is nothing we can do to make the sun shine. We have first to master the previous levels, only when we are stable in the holistic consciousness, we may, one day will receive the gift. Only when we don't care any more about it, only when we give a damm for enlightenment, it may come. Anyway living at the Trans-Individual level is more than enough, and when we are really at home at this level, the desire to become enlighten is ridiculous absurd.  

Nevertheless, we have to cultivate the connection with the Nondual Field, and it is absolute necessary that we stay in contact with it. The nondual fields are providing the "fuel" for the journey, it is the perfect "protection shield" against stupidity, madness, and ignorance.

KEYWORDSNone, beyond words.

Once one is one, no more, no less, error begins with duality, Unity knows no error.

Hakim Sanai.