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The Tao of the 21st century (eBook)
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The Tao of the 21st century (eBook) (TAO21enEb)

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The Tao Te Ching has an essence that is beyond time, but the words are not timeless, they are depending on the Zeitgeist (the spirit of time).
My intention is to express this essence in modern words.

Like the original text, this book works with aphorisms or Sutras. They are an invitation to reflect, not only with the mind, even more important is to contemplate the Sutras, to feel them and to let them do the work for you. It is always better to stop reading and start feeling.
The aphorisms are the direct expression of the essence of the Tao. When you allow them to empty your mind and fill your heart transformation will happen naturally without any effort.
The Tao Te Ching in itself leads toward the transpersonal reality.

There exists something before everything.
Something before God or the big bang.
Before time and space.
Empty and eternally present.
Right now, it is in us, in you, in me,
in the stars, stones, plants and animals,
in absolutely everything.
No words can describe it
and for lack of a better word,
we call it the Tao.