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Support the Evolution of Consciousness

Get involved. Be the change. Make the decision, that only consciousness can bring a radical change into the world.

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The best support one can give to the Evolution of Consciousness is being conscious.

Starting at this point, we are all powerful beings, with tremendous potential. The concept that we have no power has no spiritual and scientific evidence at all, it is only an idea which rise out of ignorance and certain manipulation structures.We have, now, in this very moment, the power to say yes, I want to be conscious, because we are Consciousness, therefore it is our very own nature, and Consciousness is the supreme intelligence which move the world.

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    "Be the change you want to see in the world"

    Mahatma Gandhi

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What we share is ours forever, what we keep is lost forever

Even the most little action can have the greatest consequence in a interconnected world, this is the Butterfly Effect. By sharing the Knowledge we become involved deeply in the ever ongoing process of conscious evolution. Sharing means giving, giving means to be wealthy, so more we give so more wealthy we become.Sharing and giving without wanting something in return is the supreme relation we can cultivate. 

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    "Happiness and success are given only to those who magnanimously agree to share both."

    Albert Camus

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Support the work by giving

The Knowledge has no price, and it must be accessible to everyone in any place. Even when his work is free, the conditioning of the actual society is still strongly related to money, therefore donations are welcome.All money is use to support the work of how we can cultivate consciousness. You give any amount from a cup of tea to a regularly donation, for more information see below.

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    "I have no interest in money, material stuff has very little meaning to me, except in relation with the work. All what is really important money can’t buy, or it is simply priceless. When we understand and experience cosmic love, money becomes irrelevant.”

    Karsten Ramser

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Selfknowledge is free and universal

All the content of this website is free of charge (except the artworks), it can be shared by anyone. For commercial use (but it is required to inform first Karsten Ramser, and to make a free donation). All the artworks sold through this website will be used to support the work of Karsten Ramser.The Knowledge and therefore Selfknowledge are the universal flow of consciousness beyond time and space, to charge for it, will be like a fee for aliveness.

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    "If you want to change the future, you must change what you're doing in the present".

    Mark Twain


There are different ways to support the work of Karsten Ramser, by financial donation, translation of content, republishing and sharing, proofreading, buying artworks or books. If you have any question or ideas about how to give support feel free to contact.
Collaboration: translation of content, republishing, proofreading or any other form collaboration. Contact here: moc.resmarnetsrak%40tra
Buying artworks: you can contact direct under moc.resmarnetsrak%40tra, have look at the artwork: or contact ArtID - Karsten Ramser and search for Karsten Ramser.
For any further question, please contact us


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"No growth without assistance. No action without reaction. No desire without restraint. Now give yourself up and find yourself again"

Quote from "Crouching Tiger. Hidden Dragon"