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Wisdom is to know your degree of ignorance.Pretending that you know leads to imbalance.First you have to know how little you know,then true knowledge will come.
Non-knowing is freedom from mental slavery.When you are open to what is,you are ready to see the wonder.But when you are full of knowledge,then you see only your limitation and/or your wishful thinking.


Blessing and nightmare

Language is our blessing and nightmare, depending on how we use it, depending on which kind of consciousness we embody. Language focus the cosmic intelligence in an extraordinary way and together with our hands, we build civilisations, wrote poems, and make wars. The spoken word pushed us to the top of evolution, that's why we are the dominant species, the most creative and most destructive creature on earth.
There is nothing more powerful than an idea (words and emotions). Nothing and nobody can stop an idea when we really believe in it. History makes it very clear, all revolutions are born from an idea, all wars begun with an idea, suffering is impossible without a certain way to think, in fact suffering is an idea or concept out of control with strong negative emotions. There exist no army which can fight an idea for long, no vaccination will do, no repression can stop it, the power of the idea is the power of the people, simply unstoppable.
It is a blessing when we know how to think in the right way, we can literally create heaven on earth, but unfortunately most of us turn it into a nightmare. Not because we are bad or stupid, we simply have not learnt the Art of Thinking, we haven't learnt how to think for ourselves. When this happens other forces, other people, will think for us, and we become victims, sadly this is the old and the new normal.Even when finally it comes down always to the experience, words give us the ability to interpreted life in such a way which is beneficial or destructive, kindly or hateful, serene or stressed, at peace or in conflict. 

It is a great responsibility to make up our mind for the well-being of the planet, the power of one single person who can think consciously is tremendous. In our times of confusion and strong feelings of powerlessness, we can learn to the think consciously, we can learn the Art of Thinking and this will mark the difference. 


Language is the map

Language and thinking are an amazing beautiful gift when we use them, but they are the most terrible nightmares when they use us.

Language is the map which shows us the way, it is essential to do not get lost, and this is even more important in post-modern times, where the Information-Tsunami has create a state of collective confusion of unknown dimensions. On the other hand, we should not take the map for the territory (reality), but this is precisely what we have done, the conventional map is more important than life itself. That's our insanity, we have lost the contact with what really matters, living in our stories about reality. This drove us to the most crazy conclusions like, the person is who we are, that money is wealth, peace depends on the external, suffering is part of our nature, and that the universe is just a big machine. 

Cultivate the Knowledge

What the Knowledge does is, offering a way to step out of the slavery of automatic and unconscious thinking, breaking down useless beliefs-systems, reprogramming behaviour patterns, re-structuring mental and neuronal structures, transforming our dysfunctional conditioning. My writings are covering all aspects of reality, in various ways such as books, Sutras, essential text, poetry, articles, or quotes, always focused on the cultivation of the Knowledge.


"We are not what we think, we are much more, in fact thinking is always limited, but it can free us from mental slavery"

“The fool do think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.”

William Shakespeare