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145 Ways to say I Am

by Karsten Ramser, inspire by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. 2015

145 ways to say I AmYou are I Amness. You are Consciousness.


Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Suggestion: Read slow. Take your time, it is always better to stop reading, to make space in you, to feeling, to experience, to reflect the words. For the serious searcher at the end are some notes about how to work with this text.

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I AMI am consciousness.I am awareness. I am existence.I am I Amness.I AM.I Amness is, who I am and who you are. We can feel it, right now, right here, it is always present. Know that you exist, before knowing anything else (mind, concepts). Who you are, is the source of everything.Be aware of this.

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MINDThere is no doubt, doubt is mind, and you are infinite more than the mind. It cannot be known with the mind, yet it exists.Your true nature is beyond description, it can’t be thought.You become what you believe. Remain as the seer. Be the witness of mental activity and emotional reactivity. The doer is a mental invention for practical actions.Have the firm conviction that you are pure Consciousness.The one who knows (the knower) is always the mind.If you believe your thoughts, you will be in trouble and disappointed.The interpretation of the world is in your mind.The mind is a concept and this concept is the mind, it gives birth to whatever it likes.When one realises the true nature of mental activity (concepts, interpretations, memory and time), one realises that awareness goes far beyond the mind. When you become stabilised in Consciousness, the continuous chatter of the mind will lessen and may stop.Only the mind is born, not you, you are Consciousness.

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ConsciousnessYour true state (existence) is ever-existent (since existence always exists).True knowledge is the knowledge of Consciousness. It is hidden in the searching for one's true nature.Life is the game of hide and seek.Religious traditions and the knowledge traditions are based on concepts.There is silence (pure existence and awareness) when concepts are given up.The ultimate knowledge is a state of Self-Realisation - it is the unbroken and fearless state of Being (pure existence).This means to live with the conviction that we are pure Consciousness.The world rises out of Consciousness.Be one with Consciousness.

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Attention and AttachmentPay attention to the source from which the 'I am' feeling has appeared.Pure attention is the attention to our own Self. Pay attention to which is always you. You must feel its necessity.Leave greatness to others. Become so small that no one can see you.Give your full attention to your true nature (Consciousness).The master is your own Self (the inner awareness).When you become unattached, compassion will flow through you.Remain in the natural state of Being (I Amness).If you live life without attachment, the feeling of 'mineness' will automatically fall off.Forgetting our true nature (as existence), is the human drama on one side and on the other side the cosmic dance, so Consciousness can know itself.Your nature is already perfect.

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Duality and NondualityTo the conscious person, no one lives or dies (as separate identity).There is no creator of the world, no sustainer and no destroyer. Everything happens spontaneously, since it is the nature of existence.The root cause of duality is mind and mind cause duality.The greatest miracle is Beingness (existence).Go to the source (Consciousness) from where all arise and you realise all is perfect as it is.Duality and Non-duality, real or unreal, appearance and illusion, true or untrue are concepts of the mind. The world will never provide an answer to your questions. You have to find out for yourself.The world exists within oneself (awareness) and it exist as pure Consciousness.This is the path of Selfknowledge.

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UnlearnThat which is seen (the interpretation of the world) is the reflection of one's own consciousness.There is no creation, but unstoppable unfolding evolution.Do not become stuck in what you have learned. Eventually you will have to throw it all away. One day you will.One who is loyal to his own Self becomes the soul of all. One becomes helpful naturally to others, knowing that one is not different from others.Attention should be on oneself (I Amness) rather than on the affairs of others.Ignorance is simply the misunderstanding of Consciousness.Surrender to Consciousness (existence), then it will also surrender to you.You will be like the river that becomes the sea when they merge.This surging stream of the world is flowing out of the feeling 'I am' (I exist).Anger, greed and attachment are just concepts in your mind.Compassion and love are naturally present. They are the nature of Consciousness (existence). It is not you who imparts them.Separation creates conflict.Attachment can only be pacified through Selfknowledge. If you leave all attachments and fears, you will clearly see yourself (as existence, Consciousness, I Amness).Do not become confused by attachments. Do not become a slave of your own thoughts.Freedom will happen spontaneously when the sense of doership has vanish. 

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Hold onThinking creates destiny. Concepts of yourself create your circumstances accordingly.Consciousness witnesses everything, but 'who' witnesses Consciousness?The feeling 'I am' (I exist) is called Consciousness. Hold on to that.The attachment to the feeling “I’m that or this” gives rise to the human drama.Individual/Dual consciousness can only observe what undergoes change. The Conscious Experience is timeless and uni-present.That which is eternal, cannot be observed by individual consciousness or known by it. It can “only” be experienced.  Spiritual seekers wander the world with intellectual understanding and emotional desire. Appearance could be seen as false or true.The conscious one doesn’t bother, he/she doesn’t fall in the trap whether the world is real or not.Stay in the feeling of I Amness. Practice Selfknowledge.The attachment to concepts has it’s limits, we can’t go further reducing life to a concept, we need the experience.Go forward, hold on to what you are (existence, Consciousness) and less to what you know (mind). I Amness exists wherever you are. Remain in your own Self (existence). I Amness (existence) is the only experience.

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ContemplationConsciousness (existence) is the thief as well as the sage, the philanthropist as well as the beggar.Only the Absolute (here and now) exists, and all else is also the absolute but in variation. We merge in the Consciousness and Consciousness merge in us. One who has realised the truth is not required to do anything special for the benefit of the world.Greater than the greatest good in life is to know who we are.It is impossible to establish order in the world, the world is perfect as it is.Contemplation should be on one's own nature, not a practice. Slow the mind and you will become pure awareness, and the formless Consciousness will be uncovered. In this way your true nature will be understood.You will experience that whatever exists is not separate from your Self (I Amness).Do not just contemplate. Live contemplation. 

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Source-RealisationRealise that you are pure Consciousness (existence), the Here and Now.If you want to go back to the source (Consciousness), then stop wandering (mentally) and go on contemplating (being aware of your feeling of I Amness).Nothing has to be given up. Nothing has to be reached.Realise that whatever you 'know' (conceptually) is different from who you are.The purpose of humanity is Selfknowledge. Wake up and be aware of this very moment.This very moment is unique.Spiritual effort is as easy as it is difficult. One who contemplate the self-luminous reality (existence) will find it easy.To reach Selfknowledge, you can use methods or not, what counts is the inner need. The sense of (individual) doership is false or right (depending of your the level of consciousness). Don’t bother about false or right.Be the witness, feel the passion of life and remain unattached.You know that you exist (the I Am experience). Meditate on this.There is nothing more sacred than life itself, live in this Self-Realisation. There is no greater fortune than Self-realisation. If it is not realised, there is no greater misfortune.Self-realisation gives meaning to everything. When Consciousness recognises itself, it is called Self-Knowledge.Self-Knowledge is the end of ignorance. 

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SelfknowledgeWhen Selfknowledge is alive in one’s own heart, attachment vanish, compassion and understanding rise.This knowledge is easy and open; therefore, there are not many takers for it. People are attracted to what is difficult and complicated.When the truth is realised, the false drops off. No special effort is required to let it go.The person of detachment sees that all is just in it’s place.With realisation of the Self, it is not necessary to act in a particular manner (you are what you are).The Self-realised person is unconcerned with the outcome of his action; his/her conduct is not governed by any rule or law. Self-knowledge is beyond all words and concepts.Pure knowledge is not imparted by another; it comes unasked. It is the one that is listening; it is your own nature.Love of Consciousness eliminates concern with anything else; it is without attachment. You are this love that is formless, nameless and indestructible.The source of all love is Consciousness. Your relations and possessions will ultimately disperse. Realise Consciousness, before this happens.If you try to reach Consciousness, you remain separate from it. You are Consciousness; so there is no question of attaining it.Neither mind, intellect, nor (personal) consciousness can comprehend.When realisation dawns, you will understand that you were never born neither you will die. Nor there is someone who carries out any actions.There is no awakened one; there is only Self-realisation (Consciousness).

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I AmnessThe realised person has no attachment, he/she represents our own spotless, ever-present true nature.It is rare to find one who really knows; yet does not claim ownership of this knowledge.The doership is the play of ignorance (forgetfulness of one's true nature).I am not talking to a person as a 'person' - but to pure Consciousness.I speak to you in a language that was yours before words were first introduced to you.However, you have to understand the meaning in the language that you have learned.Since space and I are not different, wherever I go, there will be Consciousness.I AM.

Working with the text

In this text we have all information we need to understand I Amness, or Selfknowledge, or Self-Realisation. 
Different ways to work it out:● Just read it again and again, not in an automatically way just repeating it, rather in sensitive manner. Be open, let the words go beyond the mind, the mental understanding is important, but more important is feel the words, let them touch deeply within. Let your intuition enter the field of nonduality,   ● Meditate each sentence, one by one. You take one per day, or one for many days, or 2 or 3 per day, as it fits you best, but really go deep inside, very slow, the more slow the faster goes realisation.● This text has no time, I am only the last one who rewrote it, before me it was Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, before him Siddharameshwar Maharaj, before him Shri Bhausaheb Maharaj, and so on. The essence of this text is universal, we find in many interpretations and expression allover the Knowledge. What it is about is, that this text has a timeless, place-less, and culture-less high frequency, and by being consciously in contact with it, we connect with this frequency or field. This connection we can cultivate constantly.● Read it loud. To yourself or to another person, but be careful that the person share the same "field of understanding".● Write it. Make a copy of it. By writing we connect more deeply with the essence of the text. Or translate it to another language this will deepen even more the understanding. And feel that the essence is taking over, the words are become part of you, then write your own version.   
If want more information about how to work with this text, feel free to read to moc.resmarnetsrak%40tra