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Five meanings of life

The meaning of life is connected to our state of consciousness, therefore it is an individual expression. There is no objective meaning of life. It is absurd, useless and a waste of time to argue about it. However, it is enriching and helpful to share it peacefully. Everyone who discovers what it means to be a human being and why life exists always does so in the temporal context of their particular circumstances of their life at this very moment. Individual-cultural-social-genetic conditioning is always the framework of our interpretation.  It cannot be otherwise, and this reflects the diversity and abundance of existence. There are five ways of living the meaning of life, from the body, the heart, the mind, the body/heart/mind set (holistic) and universal/cosmic (Non-dual). It is organic, with the inherent tendency to more complexity. A seed of a Redwood tree is activated by fire and water, to eventually become the largest tree there is, so do the meaning of life. The first meaning of life is bodily, when we are born we are body, pure consciousness without differentiation, full attention to what is, unity without interpretation. We are the meaning. Individual: Newborn. The first months. Gradually, with some key moments, we enter the second sense. Animal/human consciousness, very basic, survival.Collective / historical: The first steps of Homo sapiens, separation from the animal kingdom, cognitive revolution.  The second meaning of life is the heart, direct and authentic love, without Hintergedanken (German word, we have no bad intentions, egocentric thoughts, we do not yet interpret a role). Cosmic love without personal alterations. Individual: The years before the great separation. Approximately 5 years. The realisation that we are a unique individual.Collective / historical: Agrarian revolution until the appearance of declared dualism and drama (Greece and Rome empires). Obviously the different meanings are not closed blocks with clearly defined borders, but rather different levels that interact. This is valid for the whole range of the meaning of life. Just as in the levels of consciousness, the next level integrates the previous one, but the previous level does not integrate the next one.  The third meaning of life is the mind, that is the ocean of infinite interpretations. Meaning is subjective, personal, self-focused.Individual: 5 years to puberty. Personal identity is the center of all activity, the core of life. We act between rationality and irrationality. We are moved by emotions and projections. Collective / historical: the last 2000 years. The industrial and computer revolutions opened a window to the fourth meaning, but we have not yet learned how to integrate it. It can be said that humanity is still living in puberty. The fourth sense of life is the whole body/heart/mind, we understand that meaning depends on the level of consciousness we identify with. From here we begin to be aware of consciousness. It integrates the first three meanings and with its integrative vision creates a space where a balance is possible. Holistic, spiritual, compassionate, the individual identity is part of the I Amness, we don't have a life, we are the life itself experiencing an identity.Collectively we are still far away from this meaning, although there are some indications that this can change. Historically there is nothing, only a few individuals have realised this level of understanding.   The fifth meaning of life is universal and cosmic. The question of meaning is no longer relevant, we are the meaning of life beyond interpretation. Oneness, Non-Duality, Enlightenment. The last step of the meaning of life cannot be expressed in words. The very moment we name it, we reduce it to an object. Between all the different meaning we find infinite connections, each one has significance in its own right, none is more or less valuable. All are part of the journey towards total transcendence. The question of the meaning of life, or the search for it, reflects its absence, when meaning is not a vital experience but a mere mental desire. This desire is the beginning of the journey to find cosmic meaning. We know intuitively that there is much more than the race for happiness, wealth, and status. We can sense that there is much more than the insatiable hunger for more, better and new.The mind is a wonderful and necessary “tool”, but the meaning of life is an experience, a feeling, an emotion, because we live in feelings and emotions, and not in the mind. When we experience Oneness, which is a non-dual experience, life is perfect as it is, and we are the meaning. We all had this experience at some point, which is usually very brief. Our individual-cultural-social-genetic conditioning cannot handle such an experience, so we keep searching, finding one meaning after another. Discovering (mentally) meaning is very important, it has the power to transcend everything. Searching for and finding meaning is essential, especially in the postmodern world full of meaninglessness.Perhaps this is the greatest challenge of our time, to find meaning and finally to be meaning.

“A meaningful journey into our own being is the greatest gift we can share with the world”.

Karsten Ramser