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Crisis / Opportunity

Corona crisis: The great opportunity.

The Corona crisis as a gateway to a new society.

The Corona crisis has clearly shown that everything can change from one moment to another. There is a historical pattern that repeats itself since the beginning of civilisation, for a long period of time little changes happen and then "suddenly" a big event reorganizes the whole society. We are now living one of this historical moments. Whether it will be beneficial or destructive is still an unresolved question. Very likely it will be first destructive and then constructive, therefore later on beneficial.


These great changes, the quantum leaps in human evolution, usually happen in conjunction with great wars and mass destruction. The historical pattern is until now always the same, when a system comes to an end, it destroys itself from inside or is destroyed by external forces, to make room for the next system. The French and American revolutions broke with Feudalism and Slavery, the first and second World Wars ended the traditional structure of society and traditional colonialism. Now we are in a similar situation to the great revolutions and great wars. Our present system is almost dead or at least comatose, there is no way to save it, it is rotten from the inside, eaten by its own madness. A system that is based on the idea that we, the humans, are the centre of life is, in its internal structure unsustainable and destructive.
Any child knows that nothing grows forever, yet our system is built around this concept, even through economic crises, climate change, global pollution and massive destruction of the planet clearly show the fundamental fact that our system is stupid, but we ignore it and continue to believe in a fairy tale of a better world.
The disfunctionality of the system is the material manifestation that something is wrong at the deepest levels of human existence. Deep down it is not a question to change again a system for another but the need for a radical and fundamental change in human consciousness. Systems change over time, but the core problem remains, the real reason why they fail over and over again is not the systems themselves, but the people, us, we make the system we live in.

In this moment we have the great opportunity to make this radical and fundamental change, necessary to end our madness. This is the Great Opportunity.

The question is, are we capable of doing what is necessary or do we prefer to continue complaining about everything that is wrong?

Those in power and those fighting against it, share the same kind of consciousness and therefore nothing will changes, history will keep repeating itself over and over again. Tearing down the current external power structure will not help, it will only lead to new power structures, which will do the same thing under a different name.
The point is, if we are able to take responsibility for life as it is, now, in this very moment, recognising that we are one global family and accepting the scientific fact that life is not personal, acting accordingly. It is in our hands to make it happen.