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Meaning is stronger than happiness

Meaning gives rise to real happiness, but happiness doesn't provide meaning.The paradox is, we want happiness, but we get suffering that's the curse of our desire for (instant) happiness. 
Modern times are the epoch of the search for happiness and that's perfectly fine, but when it is not based on meaning, our search very soon becomes an endless fountain of unhappiness and suffering. Happiness is a beautiful emotion and, naturally, we want to feel it, it will be difficult to find someone who wants to be unhappy. But do we really understand what means?
Let's have a look at happiness, what does it mean to be happy? What is the condition of happiness? 
First, it is a very brief emotion, we all know that happiness does not last for very long. Even when we got a strong dose and staying for quite a long period in the emotion, we will get used to it and soon we want more happiness, and then more and more. Actually, the search for happiness has no limits, finally, it will be never enough, we always want more of it.
Happiness is unstable in its very own nature (like all emotions), there are a lot of emotions in the body which like to be expressed, each emotion wants its part. This leads to conflict, if our attention is focused on being happy, we have to ignore or repress other emotions and that's unhealthy.
Happiness depends on the situation, on the circumstances, life has to be a certain way to fulfill our projection of what it means to be happy and everything that doesn't fit is a problem, suffering and meaningless. When our lives are depending on the circumstances (internal or external) we become victims, it is impossible to control the situations all the time, and the reality is, most of us control almost nothing. 
Happiness can't resist the storms of existence, but meaning can.
Meaning is the rock in the ocean of life, it is the save port from where we can start our journeys and where we always can come back too. When life has meaning we can face almost everything, we do not depend on the circumstances, we may be happy or maybe not, but our life is not any more rooted in the superflow search for happiness. We don't depend on what people think about us, on success, money, good relation, good sex, health and so on, of course, it is nice to have all these things, but it is a road to suffering if we depend on then.Meaning provides deepness, clarity, calmness, and serenity. It doesn't matter which meaning we found in life, it has a wider vision that goes beyond ordinary life. Naturally, so more our meaning is in synchronization with life, the better it is.  A lot of us have lost meaning, and we became addicted to happiness, that's why fake news, the addiction to "like's", the epidemic explosion of depression, propaganda, the endless thirst for more, the obsession for the next and the lack of interest to the suffering of others became part of modern society.But it is also in our hands to change this, we have to step out of the vicious circle of our search for happiness and start going deeper, finding meaning
Text first published in Excellent Reporters in 2020. 

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

Viktor E. Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning