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Why we need to actualise the timeless wisdom of Selfknowledge

As we know the wisdom of Selfknowledge exist since thousands of years, beginning with the Vedanta, the Tao, and the early teachings of Buddha, ever since then the essence remains untouched, but the form is ever-changing. In the ancient times, Selfknowledge was passed from master (Guru) to the disciple. It was a direct transmission under the guidance of the master, which eliminates most traps and self-deceptions. When the disciple became master, the teaching of Selfknowledge remains alive. Throughout time the forms of the transmission changed, normally slowly, but sometimes abrupt and unexpected.
It was, and it is, absolutely essential that the forms of the transmission change, that's the way how it keeps its freshness and remains a living teaching. In this way Selfknowledge, came to modern age. Selfknowledge is a living experience, it is felt in the heart and understood with the mind. It needs both to make visible the "open secret", which is the essence of the teachings. When it is only understood with the mind, we will get stuck, when it is only felt we go crazy.When we try to press Selfknowledge into a rigid mental model or concept, institutions are rising, religions are born, the teachings of Buddha became Buddhism, the Tao Te King became Taoism and so on. That's perfectly fine, because the vast majority of humanity was still not ready and mature, for the journey into the unknown. That's not bad nor good, it is a question of levels of consciousness. All levels under the transindividual, are caught up in the illusion of the ego [the egotic pattern] and/or the belief that the person has a separated identity. Selfknowledge is like the wind, it is impossible to organise or control it, we all know what happen when we try to control the wind, the very intend cause endless suffering, frustration and drama, it is the reason for the madness of our actual society.
The old model of transmission is vanishing, the time of the masters is coming to an end, at least in the traditional way of master/disciple. We are just too much people and too few master to maintain the structure which has work perfectly for the last 3000 years. The form is changing again, but not slowly, rather fast and in unexpected ways. That's needed because the way of living is also changing very fast and in unexpected ways.Before the knowledge was secret, at least in Europe, only accessible for a selected group of people, this was needed because the religion institutions and society in general interpreted as a threat. But today we have basically access to all the knowledge just with one click. That's amazing progress on one side, but on the other side it has a huge potential for confusion. The internet offers all the information we need, in fact it offers far too much information, and normally we are not able to filter the information that fits us. In ancient times we ask the master to clear out the confusion, but today most master have a thousand and a thousand of disciples, and even millions, and in the best case we meet him or her once in a while for few minutes, or seeing him/her in videos, congresses, conventions and so on.
That's all fine, but for the serious searcher it may is not enough, he needs the direct contact, he needs to ask questions, which has to be answered in direct way, which fits his/her evolutionary process. Living in Selfknowledge happens every day, it is an everyday issue, not limited to the daily meditation practice or to the special events. Like in all the areas, the traditional ways are vanishing and replace for "actualisations" and the timeless wisdom of Selfknowledge is undergoing the same process of transformation, it has to, to remain alive.We can see this transformation is happening already, and the next step is the "decentralisation" of the transmission.How this decentralisation will happen, depends on different aspects, in general we can say it goes away from the concept that the "great" master is the centre of the teaching and forwarding to the "little" masters or local teachers. The teacher will become more like a wise friend, rather than a distance master who lives in India, America, YouTube or where ever.
We are living in an edge breaking time, contemplating a new rising of the transmission of Selfknowledge. We all can be part of it, we all can transcend the personal identify, entering the transindividual and non-dual fields.
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“The more you know yourself, the more clarity there is. Self-knowledge has no end - you don't come to an achievement, you don't come to a conclusion. It is an endless river.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti