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This website is about giving support for the serious searcher to discover the structure, patterns, fields, and levels of life in the deepest way, therefore to know our real nature.The whole work of Karsten Ramser is centred around this journey towards ourselves, he believes that Selfknowledge is the key to human existence.
Selfknowledge exist since thousands of years, and it is not link to any specific spiritual tradition, religion, thinking school, philosophy, or culture. It is universal and timeless.
Today there is a growing need for real knowledge, and many of us have the deep desire to overcome suffering, confusion, misery, madness, stagnation and separation, the human drama. This website can be a source for the open-minded and true-hearted searcher, to find what she/he is looking for, beyond duality.

The content of this website is free, you can copy, share, and use it, for the benefit of all living beings, but only for non-commercial use, and you have to mention the author.The benefit of the sold artworks is for supporting the work of Karsten Ramser and the distribution of Selfknowledge.Feel free to make a donation, any amount will do, see more under Support


When the goal and the journey become one in the present moment, we are at home, dreams may come and go, we are present in oneness, desire may rise, without attachment, the I, may play the game of hide-and-seek, be the witness, contemplating constant change.

Karsten Ramser

Biography of Karsten Ramser


Karsten Ramser is a multidisciplinary artist, author, therapist, coach, and nonduality teacher.
His life was mark by a deep desire to overcome suffering, depression, egocentrism, and separation. Thanks to all the beautiful people of the Knowledge Tradition, he was able to make a radical shift in consciousness. He believes that everyone can do the same, because apart from our uniqueness we all share the same natural structure, following the same neuronal patterns, we all feel love, we all are part of the global family, and we all have the potential to become truly conscious. 


He lives in a little village in Levante (Spain) with his wife Maribel Rosado. Now he is developing the project Key Knowledge.


Life is the dance of opposites in the rhythm of adversity and harmony.
If we dance gentle and flexiblewe are a disciple of life.If we dance hard and inflexiblewe are a disciple of death.
If the dancer becomes the dancewe learn how to be a disciple of life.
Nº 76The Tao of the 21st century

2021 ● Collaboration with the Infinity University.● Development of the project Key Knowledge. ● Collaboration with Rubikon.

2020 - Today● Lotus Project (Video)

2020● ArtID Archive Amsterdam 2020

2019 - Today● Collaboration with ArtID.● Collaboration with the Salón la ñ, Denia, Spain. 

2019 -21● Artwork Connectedness, sculpture in wood.

2019 - 20● Collaboration with the Adsubian Gallery● Exposition individual in the Adsubian Gallery.

2019● Participation in the Auction online with the technology Blockchain with ArtID, Invaluable, Auction Affair, Auction Zip and 51Bidlove. ● Becoming member of● Exposition individual, Salon la ñ, Denia, Spain. The unity of life and death.

2018 - Today● Collaboration with No-Dualidad.Info.

2018 - 2020● Artwork PhotoPainting.

2018● Retaking the professional activity as an artist.● Publication of the book, The Tao of the 21st century.● Collaboration with Excellent Reporters.● Exposition with the art collective Las Figueras. Gata de Gorgos, Spain.

2017 - 2019 Becoming sculptures in wood.

2016Moving to Levante (Spain).

2015● Recognition as a Nondual Teacher.